How to Convert White Space Into
Advertising that Sells

by Clyde Bedell

The advertising method developed, tested, proven and systematized over 50 years to turn “space advertising” into cash profits for every business, product, service and profession.

Are you an advertising copywriter, graphic designer, manager, or business owner who has labored industriously with little or no time to do research, or to plumb the rich depths of the fruits of research? This course provides an advertising system that is hard-boiled and conclusive. It can quickly help you multiply your effectiveness and eliminate 90 percent of the grievous, but common, mistakes and errors made by agencies and advertisers today. Fatal flaws that rob you of the results you have every right to

The Secret to Amassing Spectacular Wealth, Income and Profits

"Only a few people outside my inner circle realize that the bulk of wealth I have created for myself and my clients over the years is a direct result of the influence and philosophies of some of the great strategists and marketing minds from the past.

Unquestionably, Claude Hopkins is the master. His influence has easily added over six million dollars to my personal income. David Ogilvy is right up there too. He probably contributed two or three million more. Rosser Reeves taught me a lot. So too, did John Caples.

But there’s one man from the past I was not fortunate enough to know – until now. His name is Clyde Bedell and he operated from the 30’s through the 60’s. Clyde uncovered universal principles about selling, advertising, influence and persuasion none of my other mentors even understood. I wish I’d had Clyde as my mentor then…I know I’d have earned ten million dollars more just by applying things with his fresh, new slant.

If it teaches me things, it can probably teach you a trick or two also!"

Jay Abraham
Abraham Publishing Group

How to Convert White Space Into Advertising that Sells – $149.00